Welcome To Colmac Energy , We spealise in provding the Uk with the chepest energy prices around. We make sure that ever business electricity comparison is tailored to ther company needs.

What's The Cheapest Energy Prices
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Th is the first question we as a company get before we do an energy comparison for any company.

Well its not that easy, that like ringing up for insurance and saying you drive a red car and expect the best price. When it comes down to to an energy Comparison you need to know what consumption your meter has as well as its supply number.

Now where to find this info?? well its actually easier than you think, go to your bill and look at the back page normally your find a black box with a captial S next to it. Thats what you want so simply supply us with these details and the meter's usage and were loon at your business electricity price comparion.

Energy Comparison
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How Many Companies will you compare when doing your energy comparison.

Electricity Prices
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Whos will give me the best rates in the market? Does this mean there the best.

Who's The Best
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Who cares for there customers the most? who shouldnt i go near??

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Need help with anything? thats what were here for. Let me know your problem and i will fix it.

Why Us
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Why should we use you theres loads of these compaines around what makes you the best.

Global Reach
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We have contacts all over the world so dont worry if you have a company abroad we can still help.